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Notice the connection? Each channel that Aria and Jake flipped through had a picture related to A!

First there was the plane

Red Coat arrived at the lodge the night of the fire by A plane! S3E24

Next there was the bee

Aria’s mom’s SUV was filled with bees by A. S4E5

Third was the train

This makes me think of the Halloween Ghost train. This is where Aria was drugged, stuffed into a crate that she later had to share with a very dead Garrett, and then nearly thrown off the moving train. Spencer was attacked by the QOH’s. Hanna almost kissed Mona thinking it was Caleb. Garrett was murdered. And Ezra randomly shows up at the end when the body bag dumps out of the ice the drinks were kept in. S3E13

Fourthly there is tea

We have also seen A drinking tea with honey in the RV. S4E5 Then again at the air field with Nigel. S4E7

Finally there is the woman in the woods

This one I’m not sure about. I think it either relates to next week’s episode S4E9 when Red Coat is back in Rosewood or the night of the lodge fire when Spencer was following Red Coat through the woods. S3E24. Are we finally getting a hint maybe at A’s next move?